Design Miami 2016 Gaetano Pesce

Cabinets in a playful range of subjects, from embracing lovers to horses and trees, have been a staple of Pesce’s oeuvre since the 1970s. One of our featured cabinets, his 2007 Do You Still Love Me? Cabinet, when closed, depicts two lovers facing away from each other, quarrelling, one sticking out its tongue. When open, the faces come together in a reconciliatory kiss.

In this presentation, we celebrate Pesce as a master of material. His cabinets are constructed of wood, metal, polyurethane resin, and papier maché. These different materials create unique effects in each cabinet. The foliage of the tree-shaped Puglia Cabientis made using papier maché. With elegance and humor, Pesce modernizes the Japanese gold leaf and red lacquer cabinetry in his 2006 Horse Cabinet.