Salon 94 Design was established in 2017 by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Paul Johnson. Since 2002 Salon 94 has hosted exhibitions of innovative art and design. After opening two more traditional galleries on the Lower East Side - Salon 94 Bowery and Salon 94 Freemans - Greenberg Rohatyn continued adding designers like Rick Owens and Martin Szekely. Now, Greenberg Rohatyn has partnered with Paul Johnson of Johnson Trading Gallery to found Salon 94 Design. With an inaugural show named "Ghost Dog" - after Jim Jarmusch’s 1999 cult samurai film, Salon 94 Design combined pieces by Gaetano Pesce and Seoul-based Kwangho Lee, as well as newer talents like Jack Craig who contributed lamps of marble blocks covered with hand-dripped bronze. "MIDTOWN" the second exhibition of Salon 94 Design, in collaboration with Maccarone, took place this June at the historic Lever House in Midtown Manhattan. The exhibition encompassed the building’s second floor office space, with its glass windows offering views inside and out. Defying the hierarchies between art and design, the show featured sculpture, furniture, vessels, baskets, tapestries, and paintings by more than 40 artists and designers. Together these works celebrated the dialogue and collaborative spirit of art-making practices, mixing vintage and contemporary with works by Isamu Noguchi, Jay Sae Jung Oh, Thomas Barger, Kueng Caputo, Dozie Kanu and Betty Woodman. "MIDTOWN" also featured a small retrospective of Max Lamb’s process based works from the past decade. With a growing roster of emerging and renowned designers, Salon 94 Design produces exhibitions that challenge the traditions and boundaries between fine art, functional objects, and the decorative arts.

Salon 94 Design represents Anton Alvarez, Thomas Barger, Kueng Caputo, Jack Craig, Karl Fritsch, Jay Sae Jung Oh, Dozie Kanu, Max Lamb, Kwangho Lee, Rick Owens, and Gaetano Pesce among others.




  • Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
  • Paul Johnson
  • Maxime Van Melkebeke
  • Jackie Greenberg
    Project Liaison
  • Trang Tran